$10 - Start a Revolution!

$10 - Start a Revolution!

Can $10 Change the World?

Yes it can! It can make all the difference in the lives of millions of families all over the world who live in lean-to’s and makeshift housing without access to clean water or sanitation.

Just think, if every person who reads this article donated $10 it wouldn’t take long before we had enough money to build a new medical clinic for a remote village in Ethiopia, or drill a well in Indonesia, or an orphanage in Liberia.

Almost everyone in America, rich or poor, can afford $10. If you can afford a daily latte, then this should be no problem! This is not true in many other places in the world where $10 is all they make in a week’s worth of hard work. In many places people make between $10 to $20 dollars a week and yet food and gas costs are quite similar to costs here in the US.

There are over 300 million people in America today. Now let’s say half of us are unable or too young to give. That leaves 150 Million people who should be able to afford $10.

That means if all those people donated $10, we could easily raise about $1.5 BILLION dollars! That translates directly to over a million homes for families who would otherwise have nowhere to live.

So you’ve been “tagged”. You’re in the know. You’re on the ground floor of a grassroots movement which WILL change the world. It’s up to you to do your part now, donate 10 bucks and forward this link to all your friends and family.

We know there are many wonderful, worthy ventures worth your donations, but think about this: This movement will lead to homes which will last for 100 years. This movement is creating a legacy. The work will not be consumed in days, weeks or years, but will make a change for generations to come.

Oh, and one more thing. And this is important.

Please know that your contact information will always be kept within DFTW. Whether it’s $10 or $10,000,000, your name and information will be kept private. We consider it an honor that you choose to give to our organization and we promise to uphold your trust in us.

Thank You,

Rebecca South, President
Domes for the World Foundation

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