Family: Sugiyono .....Adopted!!!

Family: Sugiyono .....Adopted!!!

Sugiyono lives with his wife and child. The picture was taken in front of their house. At that time his son was sick and recently hospitalized. They live with a vulnerable hygiene condition in a dark shelter with clay floor and improper ventilation. To him receiving an aid to the betterment of his house means a lot. He does not find enough courage to run a protest to the village authority for his right of reconstruction aid that was cancelled. He said he was just a humble and poor citizen, too weak to demand for his rights.

This family is one of 30 families that have been selected to have a dome home built in the areas devastated by the recent earthquakes in Indonesia. These families have been unable to obtain any government assistance and are in dire need of sustainable housing. Domes For The World, due to stockpiles of supplies that has been procured for this type of project, is able to build this family a safe home for $3,000.00. These homes are safe, sustainable structures that are able to provide these families shelter from natural disasters that this country has been plagued by. A donation of $3,000 will give this family a new home and a new start.

In return for your donation, aside of the obvious tax deduction, there will be…

…a permanent plaque in the dome home with your or your families name

…pictures and reports of the dome home as it is constructed

…peace of mind that you provided one of the 3 basic human needs to a family who desperately needed it.

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